The Tarriance under Blue Skies

The joke between the O.H. and I every morning here in Bend has been to wonder out loud what the day’s weather will be. Twelve hours of high desert sunshine has been routine these past two weeks while assembling the Tarriance at COCC. Getting rained out has not been in the realm of possibility on this project.

The granite and basalt stones from the west and east have come together and found their place in central Oregon. The sculpture rises at the entrance of COCC’s new science building and cascades down over walls and terraces. I’m pleased with the results, thus far. The work holds its own in relationship to the scale of surrounding hardscape and architecture.

Next to come to complete the piece are the plantings designed by Todd Lynch. Lavender, poppies, arnica and echinacea will grow in and around the lattice of granite. An irrigation system will water them nightly. No doubt, they can rely on plenty of sunshine to flourish.