Inflatable Stones

While I was in Newfoundland, ET, John, Andy, and the rest of the crew were making a full size mockup of the three-stone piece that will soon be installed on Hogpen Hill. The “inflatable stones,” as ET refers to them, are made from steel frames sheathed in plastic shrink-wrap. Yesterday the mockup took flight, with the aid of the excavator bucket, around the field seeking a site for the permanent installation.

Also on the agenda was the start of a new steel and stone assemblage. Holes cut in a pair of two foot wide by 20 foot long I-beams accept the stones, and beads of weld at the edge of the openings fix them tightly in place. The heat of the arc slightly crumbles the stone surface allowing the flux to flow into the void. A more intimate union of steel and stone is hard to imagine.