Woody Point Workshop

Last evening the atmosphere softened to dusty rose across the far horizon. An osprey wheeled its way around the shoreline heading across Green Bay toward an incandescent object rising from the shimmering surface of the sea. Two hours earlier, I was at Ken Tuach’s stone yard wrapping up a day of DSWA examination. E and I then made a mad dash from western Newfoundland to the Baie Verte Peninsula just in time to glimpse the majestic iceberg across the water before the darkness descended.

Our first day on The Rock was highlighted by sighting a minke whale steaming its way down Bonne Bay in Gros Morne National Park. Every day, in the past five, has offered continued delights. When I wasn’t instructing the weekend workshop at Woody Point Summer Music Center we took hikes into the hills and dined on fresh caught cod.

The workshop participants rose to the challenge of constructing a curved retaining wall on sloping ground. They had good stone to work with, provided by Ken’s Newfoundland Flagstone Company. Many thanks to Ken, Bruno, Scott, Greg and Gayle for giving it their all and keeping the walling spirits high throughout our time together.