English Harbour Arts Centre Stone Art Workshop

The English Harbour fog machine has been churning out invisibility for a solid 24 hours. Before I arrived here a week ago the southwest wind that funnels moisture off Trinity Bay into the land bowl above the harbor had kept the village cloaked in a cotton wool shroud for fourteen days.

Fortunately, the recently concluded environmental art workshop maintained blue skies above for each and every one of its five days. There were long-distance views in every direction from the headlands where the six participants worked on their dry stone installation.

During the first two days they became acquainted with each other and their surroundings, developing an understanding of the area, its limitations and potential. On the third day they began constructing the design they’d formulated. The piece was to be a serpent with a gaping mouth. On the morning of the fifth day they were ready to remove the barrel that served as the form for arch making.

Congratulations to the designer/builders for creating a beautiful and distinctive piece of land art, and to English Harbour Arts Center for successfully hosting their sixth stone art workshop. My gratitude to Deb and Kim for organizing and keeping things on track. Thanks to the participants, Jacquie, Janet, Linda, Maryalice, Rob, Bucky, Deb and Compton for giving it their all, every step of the way.