Montshire Museum Raindrops

A raindrop splashing on still water ripples the surface with expanding wave rings that grow in number as they diminish in height. From the purity of the physics involved comes a simple beauty. Liquid in motion is mesmerizing to watch because it’s constantly changing while remaining the same. For the upcoming project at Montshire Museum I will petrify an instant in the life of two raindrops.

Next summer, the entrance courtyard at the upper Connecticut River Valley museum will be transformed into an artscape that celebrates exploration and discovery. Thirty tons of fieldstone will be set on edge to form an undulant sea of concentric waves. When it’s complete, visitors to the natural and physical science museum in Norwich, Vermont will be welcome to walk upon  the sculpture, take a seat on a wave crest or lounge in a trough.

After being chosen as a finalist for the museum art commission, I made a scale model of the selected site and sculpted the concept for the piece in modeling clay. Integrated into the stonework will be five stainless steel elements. They, and the stone globes atop them, represent the rebounding energy released when raindrops plunge into a pond or puddle.

I’m very grateful to everyone involved in the selection process at Montshire Museum and look forward to working with staff and volunteers to make a fun, interactive piece for all to enjoy.