The Solitary Stoneworker

Dan Snow, The Solitary Stoneworker
Dan Snow, The Solitary Stoneworker

How much fun was that?! As a commissioned artist I expect to start a project from the perspective of a client. There’s a property and a premise to engage. The development of a program leads to the design of a project, or, visa versa. Real things happen in real places.

Conditions being what they were of late with snow storm after snow storm, I stayed away from the stone project in-progress and gave myself a propertyless assignment. The premise was to compile a collection of photos that illustrate the work life of a solitary stoneworker; with myself as the subject and past projects as the source material. Combined with the visual history would be quips I’ve come up with, and written down through the years, while engaged in the activity of shifting, lifting and setting stone.

I began with the present and excavated deeper into the past as I assembled what became a 108 page book. The layout was kept simple, and the format small in size, to make it accessible and inviting to the reader. Through the miracle of online self-publishing (and Elin’s precise editing and dauntless perseverance) I’ve been able to take my idea to reality in just a few weeks.

The Solitary Stoneworker, Aggregations and Grumblings 2017-1968*, is now available as a print-on-demand softcover book through Amazon, and as an Ebook in the Blurb Bookstore and in the Apple iBooks Store. Please have a look and tell me what you think. I hope you have as much fun turning the pages as I had putting them together.

*We set prices to cover publication costs, and to include a $3 donation to The Stone Trust. Ebooks cost is $9.99 (30% available for free) and the Pbook, $45.