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Lucy's Place

Just as the removal of one letter from the word ”whole” creates a “hole”, the loss of a family member leaves a void for those left behind. One way to help heal the rift is to remember the departed with a permanent marker on the landscape. A stone memorial can fuse the acknowledgment of their passing with the memory of their life on earth.

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Stone Memorial Bench

There’s much to be considered in the process of producing of a stone memorial. Even something as simple as a bench requires discussion about setting, size, shape, materials, and the wording, layout and carving of a dedication. Often there are many family members and friends involved in the choices to be made. My task as a memorial designer/builder/installer is to gather individually held emotions and transform them into a collective expression. Hopefully, everyone will recognize something of their personal feelings reflected in the finished work.

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Memory Stones

As a worker in stone I’m sometimes asked to create funerary monuments. Art making in a cemetery is necessarily a delicate operation. I want the monument design and installation to be respectful of its setting, while at the same time, I want to be true to my mission as an artist. A cemetery already has a very strong presence of place. An attempt to make something radically different from what’s come before would be working against the grain of time.

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